Founded in 1967, their award-winning publishing from the world’s leading business experts offers books and digital solutions for professional practice and academic achievement.

We manage the print production of all the Kogan Page titles, and they are another long-term partner of ours.
"Hail to the jellyfish pod! We think you need to rebrand as The Rock!"
"Thank you for all the terrific work you have been and are doing for Kogan Page. As the number of orders you are processing shows, we're having a good year (said far!) and we would not have been able
to deal with the increase in demand for ever tighter deadlines driven by Bus Dev, if it hadn't been for your rock-like support." - Martin Klopstock Operations Director Kogan Page

We are proud to partner with this organization, along with partners such as Accenture, Chartered Institute of Public Relations, The Daily Telegraph and the Market Research Society.